Duncan Hillsley Capital has aligned itself with various institutional and high net worth investors making investments in sponsor and third party equity. We are opportunistic in nature and take full advantage of value add situations. However, investment decisions in property types are tempered by geographic concentrations, in-depth analyses of real estate market cycles for specific property types, and economic forecasts that will affect the long term performance of the investment.

DHC has extensive experience with underperforming commercial properties and problem loans. Distressed assets meeting the investment criteria above are purchased outright or recapitalized. We have the knowledge and skills to create successful repositioning of the assets targeted. Acquiring and restructuring distressed assets have been our primary business since the onset of the Recession.

DHC works with existing property owners to resolve loan problems and/or to reposition properties in our market area. DHC has the knowledge, contacts, skillset and expertise to manage effectively negotiations with lenders and to restructure the capitalization of the asset. Typically DHC invests with the general partner, thus allowing the original property owner to continue involvement in the property's operation.

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