Duncan Hillsley Capital LLC (DHC) is a fully integrated, private commercial real estate investment company based in Boca Raton, Florida. DHC was formed in January 2009 to capitalize on the dislocation of the commercial real estate market by acquiring distressed and underperforming assets as well as assisting other investors in restructuring and recapitalizing their portfolios. Our management team has extensive experience in all aspects of the real estate industry including sponsorship, private equity, commercial lending, and brokerage because we have worked from every side of the table. Since DHC's inception it has acquired $750 million in real estate assets and assisted other investors in the workout and recapitalization of $370 million in problem real estate loans.

DHC has a market driven investment approach and a reputation for finding unique opportunities to create value across all property types and all levels of the risk-reward spectrum.  Most investments made by DHC are as a Sponsor.   However, on a select basis, DHC will also invests as a Limited Partners with experienced operating companies with successful track records.  Our primary focus is on major markets in Florida, but we will invest in major cities in the southeast US. 

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